Balan Brothers Group Co. Ltd. 04/05/12—29/01/19

Balan Brothers Group Company Ltd. established in 2003 as the pioneer of Agriculture plant installation. The company has good reputation for the public for its activities and support the development local community. Work for Public, work together with people and work with reliabilty are our basic policy. Let us give your hand for your prosperity.
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01 Our Site and Project

We had settled down more than 50 project around the Myanmar which help lots for the agribusiness sector. See the location and size of project as well as…

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02 Equipment

There are many machinery for the agriculture business which are cost efficiency and easy maintenance. All our product are high quality and last long time. Check…

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03 Plant Catalogue

Our company has strong connection with two Indian famous farming machinery manufacture. You can see and check the details of our plants. The company always…

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04 Village Life

See the village life with surrounding nature. People feel happy and help each other in the daily life. We do promote modern machinery with affordable price for…

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05 Golden Land

Myanmar is rich in her history and preserve traditional culture in it. You can enjoy our Golden Land and feel the beauty of the nation. There are plenty of site…

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